4 Lucrative Career Prospects for a Master in Library Science

Being a graduate with a Library Science major in this technology driven age, you can rest assured that lucrative career paths are in store for you. Today, there are more possibilities of job prospects that entail more challenging tasks other than stamping due dates in store for graduates with Library Science majors. The rapid advancement of technology in the last few decades has created a transformed career field for graduates with Library Science degrees today, making it more exciting than the traditional jobs graduates of Library Science had before. Tasks from keeping data current with technology to connecting with people through cutting edge means of communication keep jobs of modern Library Science majors exciting and engaging.

Here are some of the key career possibilities for a Library Science graduate in the 21st century:

Growing Availability of Online Master’s in Library Science Degree Programs

Technology has brought an inevitable shift from traditional education towards online education, and the Library Science field is not an exemption. There are now many available Master’s in Library Science degree programs that you can pursue and complete fully online. Master’s in Library Science program is currently ranked as one of the top graduate school programs by the U.S News and World Report. One program, Online Master’s Of Science in Software Development from Maryville is a recent addition.

Shifting Focus on Relevant Programs

We all know how the internet and other forms of technology have influenced the shift in Library Science programs focus. As demand for more technology relevance grows, the focus has been shifted to the degree’s information gathering and analysis structures. A Master’s degree in Library Science will train you on different skill sets that will not limit you to merely working in a library. The ability to navigate and manage information is covered extensively by online Library Science programs, and it will qualify you for a wide range of positions, such as creative project manager, documentation specialist, and even researcher.

Availability of Various New Concentrations

With the recent changes brought about by technological advancements, it is has been reiterated time and again by experts and industry influencers that it is necessary for educational programs to also change. This is not specific to but also includes Library Science degree programs, which are increasing in numbers. Here are the top ranking Library Science programs across a wide range of concentrations, some specifically focused on 21st technology evolution.

USC offers a library science degree online, a Master’s program with concentrations specifically relevant to 21st century technology demand. USC is just one of the few schools in the US that offer a concentration on digital libraries, a common concentration offered under many Library Science programs in the US. This particular concentration provides skills and knowledge necessary to qualify for a rewarding career in digital libraries. Future jobs are digital curator, digital content manager, and information architect. Job choices so diverse and rapidly growing across the US, which Library Science degree holders will not fall short of.

Emerging Demand for Library Science Degree Holders

According to a projection based on the latest Employment Projections data from 2014 to 2024 of the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the demand for those with a Master’s degree in Library Science is not as strong as that in other fields. However, there are many other positions for which you can be very well suited as a holder of a Master’s in Library Science degree. As someone with a Bachelor’s or Master’s degree in Library Science who is well trained in strong research and analytical expertise, you can qualify for other fields with strong employment possibilities, including computer system management and market research.