HD-DVD Drive for Xbox 360 Does Not Support Games

Taiwan based developers of online, PC and console games recently raised an important question for Microsoft Taiwan. It has been confirmed that the HD-DVD drive that will be available for the Xbox 360 game console will be used strictly for playing back HD-DVD movies but not designed for games.

In order for the Xbox 360 to be competitive with the Sony Playstation 3, it has been noted that blue-laser support is critical and very important. It is known that the PS3 will have a built in Blu-ray disc (BD) drive. Developers are quite upset that this external drive for the Xbox 360 does not support games and they are dissapointed as well.

The games themselves for the Xbox 360 are surely able to achieve and attain high resolution video performance, but Microsoft Taiwan said that the HD-DVD drive will only support movies due to the fact that otherwise, it will decrease stability with the console and also increase prices of game software.