Microsoft Xbox 360 Wireless Accessories

The holiday season is just around the corner, and Microsoft is surely prepared for the competitive battle that has already been stirring up for several months. We are well aware that the PS3 and Nintendo Wii have been gaining a lot of hype, but to count Microsoft out would simply be foolish. Microsoft has decided to take the Xbox 360 wireless and they hope this will help gain the attention of consumers.

During the 2007 Games Convention in Germany, Microsoft made the big announcement. The new Xbox 360 wireless accessories include a racing wheel and a camera which will enable gamers to take part in live video chat sessions.

Cost of the new accessories is quite reasonable. For only $39.99, consumers will receive the new camera which includes a head set to enable voice chat. Also included with that price is a one month membership to Xbox Live which offers free downloads of “TotemBall” and “UNO”. Consumers also have the option to purchase the accessories and get a 12 month subscription for only $79.99 which is a tough price to beat.

The wireless racing wheel, designed for racing games, will debut at only $149.99. The technology is quite advanced, and also includes force feedback for simulation of bumpy roads.

All in time for the release of the Sony Playstation 3 and Nintendo Wii. The outcome of the next-gen gaming console battle will be quite interesting and surely hard to predict. Each company has surely done their research and homework on what exactly consumers are looking for in their products.