Nintendo Strategy to Create Element of Surprise

Rumor has it that Nintendo has not revealed complete details of the new Nintendo Wii game console system. According to a French blog, which claims to have inside connections at Nintendo, the new Wii model is much more powerful and advanced than they have been leading us to believe. It is also rumored that this is all part of Nintendo’s strategy as they want to have that element of surprise for upcoming media events.

This of course is great news for consumers, meaning they will be getting even more value for their hard earned cash than they possibly anticipated. Nintendo has always released a great product, but the graphic capabilities of the new Nintendo Wii will be quite difficult to surpass.

It will be interesting to see what secrets Nintendo has been hiding from the media. Consumers are already anxious for the release of the new system, but this new bit of information will surely result in more great excitement as gamers wait to hear more details about the new console and what it will have to offer.