Nintendo Wii Game Console Price Revealed

In Europe, the cost of the Nintendo Wii game console is expected to cost less than €250. This retail price was revealed by a senior executive of the Japanese company.

Earlier this week, at a Game Convention, Bernd Fakesch who is the head of German operations at Nintendo had made the announcement which happens to be the very first statement by the firm indicating the European pricing of the new console.

The Nintendo Wii is set to launch later this year. With the launch of the PS3 at roughly the same time, it’s a guarantee that it will be quite a match between all the consoles including the Xbox 360.

Nintendo has set it’s goal on selling over 6 million units by no later than March of 2007. Many people are on budgets these days, and with the low cost of the Nintendo Wii it is quite possible that it could very well end up being a fan favorite.

Gamers were somewhat dissapointed when Sony revealed the cost of the PS3 at the E3 games expo in Los Angeles earlier this year. Although the specs for the PS3 are incredible, consumers still were not expecting it to be as expensive as it will be. The innovations and technology that the Nintendo Wii has to offer are also quite impressive, with a new state of the art controller which has built-in motion sensitive features which allow very high accuracy and functionality for gamers.

Either way, Nintendo will not just have the next gen gaming trophy handed to them. Nintendo will surely have to work just as hard as the other game console companies to stay in the lead and maintain the respect, trust, and retention of everyday gamers. At the moment, Sony owns roughly 70% of the game console market and although Microsoft has continuously made giant leaps and the Wii has a lot of hype surrounding it’s new console, it will take a lot to threaten Sony’s current and expected market share but of course will not be impossible.