Nintendo Wii Shipments Remain On Schedule

Nintendo of America confirmed earlier today that shipments of their new Nintendo Wii unit remain on schedule just as planned and previously announced. The plan is to have 6,000,000 units shipped before March 31, 2007.

Although we are all anxious to know what the cost of the new console will be, Nintendo did reveal other additional details regarding peripherals that will be available for the Nintendo Wii system. It was revealed that peripherals will be on shelves by November 1st. These peripherals include a Nintendo Wii “Controller Glove” for $9.99, an “S-Video Premium AV Cable” which will retail at $39.99 and a “HD Premium Component Cable” valued at $59.99.

Also available for the Nintendo Wii are 512MB and 1GB SD memory sticks, various bags and storage cases. Third party manufacturers of these products include companies such as SanDisk, MadCatz, and BD&A.; Although prices have been made public for these third party peripherals, it is not likely that we will know the actual cost of the Nintendo Wii console until the worldwide press event which will be held on September 14th and 15th.