Play Nintendo Wii Games Online For Free

USA Today recently interviewed America’s ebullient President, Reginald Fils-Aime, who released some great news for Nintendo gamers across the globe regarding the upcoming Wii game console. He stated there would be absolutely no service charges other than typical Internet connection fees of course for their new online service.

“We will offer online-enabled games that the consumers will not have to pay a subscription fee for,”

The Nintendo Wii model will have similar architecture to the Nintendo DS as far as online gaming goes which also contains WiFi support. Servers for the games will be provided by Nintendo and there are talks about third party developers also providing their own servers in order to offer online support. Unlike the original Xbox, created by Microsoft, where gamers were charged a monthly fee, Nintendo has gone above and beyond to avoid such charges.

During the interview, other issues were also discussed by Fils-Aime. He mentioned the visuals for the Wii would look fantastic but also stated that fact alone would not be enough to attract gamers to the new market. Nintendo is attempting to expand the industry and have people of all ages, young and old, be able to enjoy the gaming and services they offer. Nintendo will attempt to achieve this goal by offering features that traditional games simply don’t have.