Possible PS3 Concole Shortages at Launch

Kaz Hirai, Sony’s Computer Entertainment American President, was recently interviewed by Gamespot regarding the Sony PS3 and Sony PSP.

The interview covered points mentioned in the recent report by the Yankee Group about Sony PS3 possibly becomming the market leader by 2011.

Mr. Hirai mentions there may be a shortage between the launch date and the end of that year. He also mentioned 2,000,000 units will be available during that time. Mr. Hirai stated production has yet to begin. At launch, 700,000 units will be in stores in Asia, Europe and the US. It is likely that Europe will not have as many units to distribute as the US and Japan.

Making the PS3 a scarce item is all part of a smart marketing plan by Sony. Of course, the plan is for Sony to find a balance between a healthy shortage and the large shortage of the Xbox 360 when it first hit the shelves because they don’t want to frustrate consumers either.

It may prove to be difficult for Sony to create a shortage that increases demand because of the expected high rates of the Nintendo Wii during it’s initial launch.