PS3 pre-orders cancelled at has recently been involved with an Internet scandal by providing a form on their website accepting false pre-orders for the PS3. Those who followed the link and ordered the Sony Playstation 3 have been sent a letter of apology from Best Buy and were also given a $10 coupon.

Part of Best Buy’s letter of apology included,

Thank you for your recent visit to Unfortunately, your pre-order for the PlayStation 3 gaming system will be cancelled. Our system was not intended to take pre-orders on the PlayStation 3 gaming system. will not be taking pre-orders for this item. Your pre-order will be cancelled and you will not be charged.

The $10 credit is Best Buy’s attempt to compensate those who were victim of the leaked form but this will not be enough for angry customers who’s hopes of receiving a PS3 were shattered.

Although Best Buy will not be offering pre-orders online, it is expected they will have a supply of PS3 gaming consoles available in store on November 17th.