PS3 Units Will Not Include HDMI Cable

Despite hopes of Playstation and HDMI fans worldwide, Sony has announced they will not be shipping HDMI cables with their new PS3 game console. There has been an ongoing debate with fans and critics since the announcement of the PS3. Fans are stating that the inclusion of the HDMI cable will help promote and further acceptance, while at the same time critics mention the technology is far too expensive and insist the unit is better off being sold seperately.

At this time it is unknown what cable Sony plans on shipping with their new PS3 console. Experts claim it will likely be stocked with the basic component cable due to the fact that Sony has not stated otherwise. Keep in mind, this decision has only been made for units being sold in the American region and there is still hope that the HDMI cable will be shipped with units sold in other regions.

Sony will be launching the Playstation 3 in Japan on November 11th and on November 17th in other regions.