Trade your PS3 for Taco Bell bucks

Many hardcore gamers spent a great deal of time waiting in line this weekend for their chance to purchase the new Sony Playstation 3. A high percentage of those individuals have expectations of reselling the new game console for whopping amounts of cash. However, Taco Bell has announced a new incentive for gamers to part with their PS3.

Taco Bell has offered a total of $12,500 worth of Taco Bell bucks to the first person who is willing to donate their PS3 to the popular fast food chain. Taco Bell is doing this for charity and has also mentioned they will be handing the game console over to a boys and girls teen center.

If you are interested in donating your PS3, simply send an email to It should also be noted that only the first person who ships their PS3 to Taco Bell is eligible to win the prize.