Will the PS3 include Xfire technology?

There have been many rumors lately regarding Sony and the use of Xfire for the online PS3 gaming community. Xfire is a product of Viacom and was founded in 2003. What exactly is Xfire? Well, Xfire acts as a server which enables gamers to communicate and also join one another in head to head online action quite easily. Xfire functions well regardless of the gaming service, browser, or even game type which the gamers are using.

Sony has not made many comments regarding these rumors, however one most recent response as quoted by Sony’s Chris Kramer was:

SOE has been in talks with Xfire about potentially including some of their technology

It is unkown at this time exactly what Sony and Viacoms plans are for the future, but seperately, Xfire continues to grow strong now claiming to have 4.7 million users for their online PC gaming service.

As always, we will keep you posted as further information becomes available.