Will the Xbox 360 Stay In the Lead?

Microsoft continues to gain the lead in the gaming console market as the industry still awaits the release of the Sony PS3 and Nintendo Wii.

Xbox.com has recently revealed several facts relating to their Xbox Live service that can possibly prove it will be tough for other consoles to catch up to the already well renowned Xbox 360. Their site revealed numbers that are quite impressive. Over 80% of members signed up with Xbox Live use the service to download content. The type of content includes items such as movie trailers, music videos, and game trailers. More than 8 million Xbox Live Arcade titles have been downloaded by members since it’s launch. This is proof that gamers are embracing the “Live” feature of the Xbox which is gaining more and more popularity each day.

Microsoft also revealed new stats that indicate that Xbox 360 owners have purchased on average 2.9 accessories and 4.6 games per console. Also, Microsoft predicts that by June, 2007, it will have sold 10 million units by the time other new consoles initially hit the market.

Sony and Nintendo are aware of the exposure the Xbox 360 already has and are prepared to come charging out of the gates with many cool innovations and features of their own which they hope will captivate a large audience and market share. Sony will include Blu-Ray DVD support for the PS3. Nintendo will offer an innovative console interface, low prices, and also games which are geared towards users who are not typical gamers. Many factors will determine who becomes the leader in the next-gen gaming world, such as release dates, pricing, and audience of course, but if Microsoft does lose some of it’s market share it is predicted that it will not be very far behind.